Free Blogs For South Africans

Greetings fellow South African’s and non-South Africans. I have created as a freeflow blog service for anyone that has somthing interesting to add to the web.

We are still very much in a testing this system at the moment, so don’t freak out if somthing goes South, we will fix it.

Their is no hard and fast rules to other than we don’t dig spam or server resource hogs. If you want your blog posts to last we would highly reccomend that you keep current with what’s happening on the site.

Here are some quick tips

  • Upload a uniqe icon.
  • Do not copypasta from other sites.
  • Be friends with @admin.
  • Post at least 1 page to introduce your blog/self.
  • Hey we love SEO people, but don’t register thinking you can pull a 1 pager post or a link farm and duck.
  • Make a few funny status updates
  • Keep the language / racial nonsense / p0rn to yaself.

At this juncture we do not offer any form of support other than moral. If we kill your blog we did so for a good reason and are not likely to provide an explanation other than re-read the above.

Go ahead, register an account, choose a blog, be happy.

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